Two Tall Tales by Tremont Women’s Club 124 pg. perfect bound ISBN 1-931575-25-8 $9.95 + $2.00 P&H and 5% state sales tax ($.45). Two tales of adventure: Follow a sister and brother from England to Maine, their adventures and loves and their descendants three generations later; Read about a young woman’s love and adventure with spies on a Maine island during World War II. To order send check or money order to: Tremont Historical Society, P. O. Box 215, Bass Harbor, ME  04653 e-mail mtd at

Two Tall Tales

About the Book
This book was published as a project of the Tremont Historical Society. It was written as a club project by members of the Tremont Women’s Club, which existed from 1929 through the 1970s in Tremont, Maine, on Mount Desert Island. Club members took turns writing of love and adventure, pirates and spies, in two short novels that provide the reader with remarkably cohesive stories. In one, a sister and brother immigrate to New England. After the sister marries a handsome sea captain, they move north to Maine. The story wends through various adventures and ends with their descendants three generations later. The other details three years in the life of a young woman on a Maine island, her love for a handsome naval officer and her adventures with World War II spies.

She loved every twig of the trees that were around the house, the well worn path to the shore, the gnarled and weather-beaten, crooked pines on the bank. Dorcas watched the sun setting through their branches until her eyes filled with tears so she could no longer watch the last drop of the sun below the golden horizon 

John took a few quick steps in the direction of the door, grasped the knob in his hand and turned it. The door swung open abruptly, almost pushing him over, as the body of a man fell crashing to the floor in front of him.

This is how the story was told to me when I was a child. A strange tale, thrilling, exciting, interesting. A story of days filled with loneliness, homesickness, discouragement, sickness and death. A story of the building of a home in a strange land. A home filled with the laughing voices of children where many found love, security and comfort. Early in the year of 1837 a group of young men and women, finding life very difficult because of oppression and many hardships, set sail on a sailing vessel for America. At last morning came and they went ashore. Strangers in a strange land at the dawn of a new day and of a new life.

About the Authors
The Tremont Women’s Club was formed in 1929 by the wives of fisherman, boat builders, and carpenters in the little town of Tremont on Mount Desert Island in Maine. The editor is a 7-generation descendant of the settlers of Tremont, where she now resides, and a member of the Tremont Historical Society. 

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