Understanding Your Man A Biblical Perspectve by  Eugene Johnson, PH.D.,  ISBN: 0-9720756-0-7, 192 pages perfect bound, $19.44 + $6.00 P&H.  This is a book written by a man for women who are serious about having a happy and healthy relationship with the men in their lives. It offers a biblical perspective as insight and resolution to modern day relationship problems. It is an absolute must read book!! To order send check or money order to EJ Press, 5220 Deana Lane, Richton Park, IL. 60471. E-mail the author.

Understanding Your Man 

About the Book
Understanding Your Man is an informative and enlightening book that employs a fresh new approach to men and relationships. The author delivers a biblical perspective to empower women in their relationships to see men as they are and not as we think men to be. It leads us down the road to productive and happier relationships. Indeed this book is for the woman who really wants to know what’s going on. 

About the Author

Dr. Eugene Johnson bring his more than 20 years of relationship counseling experience under the roof of this his first published work, “Understanding Your Man”. A pastor, teacher and preacher with a social service/counseling background, Dr. Johnson possesses the attributes and gifts that are unparalleled in the 21st century. 

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