Verses From My Diary--A Collection of Poems by Laura Licata Sullivan, 70 Page Perfect bound, ISBN 1-884778-91-7 $8.00 plus $2.00 P&H. To order, send check or money order to: Laura Licata Sullivan, PO Box 28, Campbell Hall, NY 10916. E-mail: your comments or questions. Laura's second book can be viewed by clicking on Seashores And Seasons

Thought-provoking poetry from the heart of this new author.
Verses From My Diary

Thoughts on Paper

If the words
That flow from my pen point
Would touch another life at some time
A verse would take on a deeper meaning
For me, as an author.

If some small token
Of my thoughtfulness
Were meant to make one heart happy
My existence would become
All that much more worthwhile.

And when I am gone,
What is left of me on paper
Will be my gift to the world
And this will be a joy to me in heaven.

© 2000 Laura Licata Sullivan

About the Author

Laura was born in Brooklyn, New York, and lived many years in Staten Island. She currently resides in Orange County, New York, with her husband Sean, and son Jack.

Her poems reflect the joys and sorrows of life written from the vantage point of a young girl, and from that of a woman.  The subject matter spans the universal topics of natural beauty, relationships, appreciation of friends and family, loss of loved ones…in short, life.  Written throughout her years, her poems reflect the smiles and tears that can be seen in each day in every life.

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