Justification and Sanctification in Westley’s Thought by Arvest N. Lawson, ISBN l-9315752-1-5, 98 pages perfect bound, $8.95 includes P&H. Justification and sanctification are important theological issues for John Wesley. He says the two are tied together by faith; we are justified by faith and we are sanctified  by faith. Justification is what Jesus Christ does for us, while sanctification is what the Holy Spirit does within  us. To order send check or money order to: Dr. Arvest Lawson, 2133 Loren Circle, Fayetteville, AR  7270l  Justification and Sanctification in Westley's Thought

About the Book
This book is about justification and sanctification in  John Wesley’s theology. And while Wesley remained close to the sixteenth-century Reformers in his treatment of  justification, he goes beyond both Martin Luther and  John Calvin on his doctrine of sanctification. For Wesley, sanctification takes place after justification. Sanctification is a journey in spiritual growth, leading to “the full measure of the stature of Christ.” And all Christians are on this journey, beginning with the new birth in  Christ, until the end of their earthly pilgrimage.

About the Author

The author is a retired United Methodist minister, having spent forty years in the ministry of the United Methodist Church. His graduate studies at Princeton Seminary and  Drew University were concentrated in the area of Wesleyan theology. On two different occasions, he retraced the  ministry of John Wesley through England, Scotland and  Wales. This pilgrimage provided background for this work. He has written two other books on Wesley’s theology. His last book is entitled, The Holy Spirit in John Wesley’s Theology

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