What Do You Give a Man Who Has Everyting by Phill Batiste147 pg. perfect bound ISBN: 0-9764613-9-0 $16.00 includes P&H is based upon a true story about a man whose quest for the discovery of life brought him into an unknown world of drug abuse for twenty-three years as a known Heroin addict. To order send check or money order to Phill Batiste, P.O. Box 870366, New Orleans, LA 70127.

God has used Phill through this book to show His great love and His rich mercy – for whether you are at the lowest point or the highest point in your life, He still can save!

Phill keep trusting God and know that the best is yet to come!

 Pastor Antoine M. Barriere
“The General”

About the Book
About the Author

What Do You Give a Man Who Has Everything
Phill you’re eyes have seen things I have not even dreamed, but it is through your eyes that God will shine, showing His glory to the ones who think they have it all, but really have nothing without JESUS!

Remember, You are the ONE!

1st Lady Dale M. Barriere

About the book

The book What Do You Give A Man That Has Everything is based upon a true story about a man whose quest for the discovery of life brought him into an unknown world of drug abuse for twenty-three years as a known Heroin addict.  This addiction led him into cruel and brutal correctional establishments, such as Jefferson and Orleans Parish Prisons, for nineteen years.  He was then deposited into the modernization of a famously known plantation noted for its notoriety as a Black Slave Camp turned into living quarters for men who had become human prison machines.  These human prison machines no longer had a name but a number.  They had lost all sense of reality and became the most vicious and violent prisoners in the western hemisphere.  It has been called by many names:  The Farm, Big House and the Ponderosa.    It is Angola State Penitentiary of Louisiana, where at one time a look or a whisper could have gotten you killed.  Only the presence of God’s grace and mercy allowed him to emerge from the bowels of hell and to introduce this forecast in epic proportions.  His story provides exposure to the internal struggle and enormous intricacies of finding Jesus as his Lord and Savior as the solution to a nomadic existence in the eminent discovery of himself. 


I had a problem dealing with the reality of being what I had become, a “JUNKIE.”  As we all know water will seek it’s own level before it crests.  How could I seek my own level when I had no idea where to find my crest?  I just couldn’t figure anything out at that time; my life was in a rage.

Just imagine after all those years of being mentally dead, even after being awakened, my rapture was greater than the hibernating state from which I had just emerged.  Suddenly, realizing that hibernating like a bear was not for me, I had to be wide-awake for my master, Jehovah, who does not sleep nor slumber.  Realizing that I was a lost sheep hiding for far too long and sleeping my life away, it was finally time to become significant for the purpose of rendering myself so that I could find closure.

Today as I continue to move forward I can only think about how wonderful it feels to express myself and write about my illustrious and lascivious career.  It was a career that spanned for over four decades.  A career that allowed me entrance into the back door of Egypt and deposited me to the front gates of hell.  To this day there was no illusion about my immortality.  What I preconceived to be real was definitely only a delusion of my immeasurable imagination.

About the Author

 My name is Phill Batiste, and I was born in an original setting at New Orleans’ famous Charity Hospital. I was a 7th grade drop-out who, while in prison, acquired a GED and 1 ½ years of college. Although one does not always get the opportunity to write his/her autobiography about self; at first I had a very difficult time expressing my thoughts and then putting them on paper for the world to see. Somehow, God allowed me to go into a spiritual process in order for Him to manifest his Holy presence so that the Holy Ghost could have His way with me. Today, I have taken upon the challenge that one day God would allow me to know in time what profound effect this book will have on others who are afraid of opening doors that have been hidden from public scrutiny for many years. In asking the Lord for his divine guidance, I felt my approach to open my past had to be dealt with very delicately with a force and with courage that I didn’t even know I possessed. It was with this undying declaration that I had to relinquish my hold on what was wrong and allow the Holy Spirit to show me what is right. Many times in our lives, we fail to do those things that are right because for many of us doing those things that are wrong somehow is more appealing to our insatiable appetite. The option for questioning what is wrong is not a choice or a matter for what is right. Yet, we try to fuse together the two in order to create a situation that may leave us compromising for days with the understanding of not acknowledging anything. Meanwhile, to hold on or to re-establish a positive position will eventually give us the hindsight that is needed to understand and reaffirm the truthfulness of what is right, and for heaven’s sake who will justifiably be willing to say who was wrong: And in the end, God will say, “All is well.”

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