Why Bother? by Pastor Dave Brown ISBN 1884778-99-2, 94 pg, perfect bound is a book that answers the question- “Why should I bother getting up and going to church on Sunday morning?” Pastor Dave candidly shares truths from God’s Word that will motivate and inspire you to take church more seriously. This book can change your life! To order send check or money order for $7.95 + $1.00 P&H to: Mustard Seed Books and Bibles, 1066 Country Club Rd., Columbus, Ohio   43227 E-mail: dave at copper.net

If you’ve ever wondered whether church is really that important, this book is for you. Even if you just need encouragement, this will solidify your walk. This is a book you would want to buy and give to a friend.
Why Bother?

Sample of Work

         Doing something with God’s Word is the key. In order for us to survive the storms of life we have to hear God’s Word, not just have an intellectual approach to God’s Word. But we have to see it in action to appreciate it.
        The Japanese Shoguns, the old time samurai warriors, put great emphasis on the quality of the swords that they carried. To the masters of the art of fighting, it was imperative to have a sword made out of the finest steel. It would take a blacksmith many years of forging that steel, day after day of heating and cooling, hammering it again and again to strengthen that piece of metal. The warrior’s fear in battle was not that he himself would falter, but that in the heat of the battle, when swords would collide, that his sword would be snapped in two! He knew that the impact of two men swinging with their full strength and clashing in the middle would put a severe strain on even the strongest of steel. If your sword was weak, inferior to your opponents, and at the moment of impact you are left with a broken sword, you were then virtually defenseless and vulnerable. Your sword was your life.
        Now I find it interesting to see some of these swords still in existence today. They sit in museums, locked in a glass case. You can admire the beauty of them, you can see the razor sharp edges, you can see the jewels embedded in their handles. They are works of art. And as much as we want to admire its beauty, we will never fully appreciate the full strength of the sword until we use it in conflict. Just to look it pales in comparison to the feel of it in our hand. To feel the weight and balance. To swing it through the air. To cut, slice, and lunge with it. To go toe-to-toe, steel-to-steel. Only then can you really appreciate its full value.   
        Our faith in Christ can be the same way. If we just look at it, study it, keep it locked in a glass case, we will never know the full power of it. We have to hold it, use it, share it with others. It is amazing how we appreciate the scriptures when we use them to win others to Christ, when we are toe-to-toe with the devil. Then we see that God’s word can change people and break the forces of darkness. Even heal the broken hearted. 
        That is why we bother.   Because we will never fully appreciate what we have in our hands, until we use it.

About the Author

  Pastor Dave Brown of Calvary Chapel has been senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Columbus for ten years. Prior to that time, he completed four years of military service with the Marines and was honorably discharged. Afterward  He attended Calvary Chapel Bible School in southern California, then spent three years in Phoenix, Arizona before moving to central Ohio. Pastor Dave is known for taking the Bible and effectively applying its truths to everyday life. He has been married for fourteen years and has four children. Dave’s favorite Bible verses are II Corinthians 5:21,22-”Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were entreating through us: we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” (NASB) comments:  Tell them that you saw us on the web,  and get the web price of $4.99 plus a $1.00 shipping and handling.

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