Wrestling in the Backyard by  “Maniac” Mike Elias 108 pg perfect bound $11.95 + $2.50 P&H. The world of backyard wrestling. You’ve heard everything from  “don’t try it at home” to “it’s too dangerous.” Now read the words of a real  backyard wrestler from his own words. To order send check or money order to: Michael Elias, PO Box 14442, East Providence, RI 02914  E-mail the author.


About the Book
About the Author

Wrestling in the Backyard 

About the book

This is a book about backyard wrestling and about backyard  wrestlers.   Learn all about the USWF backyard wrestling league. Read about the adventures  of Maniac Mike,as well as his public access pro wrestling talk show,”Powerbomb  Ringside” and how you interviewed wrestling legends like Sting,Tony  Atlas,Hacksaw Jim Duggan, as well as others.   Of course no backyard wrestling project would be complete without the carnage  and the mayhem. Read about other backyard wrestling names such as Kevin E.,Mr.  Glen,Delicious Danny,John Almeida,Lover Boy,Blackjack Charlie,X-Treme,Travis  Savage,Stray Cat,Puma,Stone Wall,Gary DeAngeles,Even Stevens,Victor J.  Cavelara,George Flint,and many more. Read about what happened in the world of  backyard wrestling. 

About the Author

Maniac Mike is a long time wrestling fan who entered the world of  backyard wrestling, before it was the “cool thing.” Maniac Mike hosts his own  wrestling talk show as well. 

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