Wrestling with an Agency by "Maniac" Mike Elias 92 pg perfect bound #11.95 + $2.50 P&H The best way to describe Wrestling with an Agency is it's like a mixture. You take a little bit of Joe Camp's The Double McGuffin (1979) and a little bit of the 1982 TV series The Powers of Matthew Star. Add in a feeling of the '90s and a taste of being a wrestling fan and that's how you describe Wrestling With an Agency.  To order send check or money order to Mike Elias PO Box 14442 East Providence, RI 02914 E-mail the author.


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

A wrestling fan who knows his history (and can discuss the era of Edwin Bibby, Duncan C. Ross, Evan "Strangler" Lewis, and Martin "Farmer" Burns) finds himself in a tough situation when he gets sent to work as part of a school program. Teamed up with his best friend (who also knows all about Dan McLeod, Tom Jenkins, Frank Gotch, and Fred Bell), an individual who likes to bend and strech the truth (but he does know his share about Joe Acton, John Olin, John Pesek, and Orville Brown), and a person with a troubled past (but also knows a thing or two about Hans Steinke, Ali Baba, Dave Levin, and Henri Deglane). Can the four friends discover what's going on at the Agency? Who is the mysterious Boss? Set in the state of Rhode Island.

About the Author

Author of Wrestling in the Backyard now brings you Wrestling with an Agency. Was involved in backyard wrestling for ten years and before that wrestled in high school.

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