Joy Comes in the Morning A Companion Journal of Recovery by Phyllis R. Thompson 77 pages spiral bound. This companion journal is designed to help make the path toward recovery easier to understand and help you channel your emotions. To order send a check or money order for $8.00 + $3.00 P&H to Phyllis R. Thompson, P.O. Box 73151, Houston, Texas 77273. 
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Also check out the companion book Joy Comes in the Morning


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

I wanted to create a journal that would help you reflect and find answers so you can start to plan how to move forward.  It is only the beginning to helping you develop into a much stronger person and hopefully bring you closer to reconnecting with God, family, friends and celebrating a new beginning.

Sample of the Work:
Are you still devastated by the recent loss of a loved one?  Are you still facing challenges from your separation or divorce? Have you recently lost a job or failed to get a promotion? Has someone disappointed you with their lack of support? Perhaps, these are questions you may be encountering as you move forward towards recovery. 

This journal will assist you in outlining your concerns and defining your personal recovery.  There is no particular method used or set time limit for achieving your personal goal of recovery.  You are encouraged to just pick up a pen, sit in a quiet place and start answering the questions when you are ready.  Embrace the journey.

comments:  It is my desire that my journal will encourage people of all ages. I hope you will be inspired, uplifted and challenged. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.

About the Author
Phyllis R. Thompson is a diversity educator, lecturer and entreprenuer. She's also author of Joy Comes in the Morning: A Journey Towards Recovery After Grief and Loss.  Thompson shares her personal experiences with the world in an effort to encourage others to strive to overcome adversity, grief, loss and setbacks.

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