Joy Comes in the Morning: A Journey Towards Recovery After Grief and Loss by Phyllis R. Thompson 100 pg perfect bound, ISBN: 1-931575-11-8. Life’s journey toward emotional and spiritual healing and recovery does not have to be a dark path that is walked alone. A new book from author Phyllis R. Thompson will help guide readers to see that Joy Comes in the Morning. Send check or money order for payment $12.00 + $3.00 P&H to: Phyllis R. Thompson, P. O. Box 73151  Houston, Texas 77273.  Email the author.
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      On the pages of Joy Comes in the Morning you will read about her life experiences, real people who have affected her life and significant adversities that she faced during her life. These stories will touch your heart and open your mind to the reality of what it really takes to persevere in this unjust world that we live in today. This book is written to enlighten people about family matters, emotions, and taking a journey towards recovery after suffering from grief and loss.

Also See the companion Journal that goes with this book: Joy Comes in the Morning A Companion Journal of Recovery

Carolina Comfort
     During grief sometimes God is the last person that you may want to talk to. Some people choose to blame God for their personal loss. Others may simply ask God, “Why me”? Once I made the decision to stop asking questions and give everything I felt to God, my burdens were lifted immediately. I poured my heart out to him in prayer and he gave me peace, comfort and his love. This was a spiritual moment of God giving me direction on how to fully recover from my personal grief and loss. 

About the Author

      Those who have read the book identify with Thompson’s personal insights and realize themselves the path to recovery after grief, loss and despair. “Phyllis manages to use ordinary life experiences to reveal the extraordinary powers of God,” says Deidre Haggar Mooring. “This book tells the secret of many children and silent adults. It gives a voice to their pain and rejection”, says Shirley Moore. Greg Manora expresses, “I have also felt the indescribable pain and sorrow of rejection. The lonely search for identity and self-worth is often paralyzing to the human spirit. Yet when society counted me as a statistic; black, fatherless, poor and without redeeming merit: God said, “I will take him”. We can all find solace in the journey. Pain is the cousin of joy and regardless of how difficult times may seem joy comes in the morning.” 
      A noted diversity educator, lecturer and entrepreneur, Thompson shares her personal experiences with the world and tells readers how she overcame adversity, grief and loss. She is a Texas native who now lives in Houston. She has worked in the fields of higher education, child abuse prevention, advertising, hospitality, and as a diversity educator and lecturer. 
      It has always been her desire to write a book of encouragement for people of all ages. Thompson shares her story in a manner that is inspiring, informing and thought provoking. comments:  Phyllis R. Thompson is also the Executive Director for Diversity Seminars. Diversity Seminars is a minority owned business designed to provide professional training workshops and presentations to organizations and businesses. 
      Thompson is also available to address corporate, church, social service and community groups on various topics. Copies of the book are also available through Diversity Seminars.

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