The Girl on the Dock by Daniel L. Swett, ISBN: 978-1-931575-91-1, $14.95 Free postage, 134 pages. This is an exciting story of love and despair taking place in a small town in New Hampshire as well as one on the coast of Maine.

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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Shane Mason is living a life, wealthy but unfulfilled and soon he finds himself obsessed with a woman he has never met. That obsession prevents him from finding true happiness with another until something astonishing occurs.

Sample of the Work:

Then, in the ship’s cabin, through the window, a figure, a man, barely visible to Shane appeared to wave to one standing on the dock. The fog, rolling in from the west, was beginning to obscure his view and only briefly did Shane see, on the dock, a young woman waving apparently to the man, perhaps her husband or perhaps good friend. She appeared to Shane unquestionably stunning, lovely, a ponytail clearly visible as she was turning, facing back for an instant, then as the fog swept over her body, he had seen, but only briefly, her raising her right hand to her eyes, in what appeared to Shane as wiping tears from her eyes. And then she was gone.

     But Shane, as he laid next to a slumbering Leigh, unable to sleep, for his thoughts were of the yacht leaving port that afternoon in the fog and into an unexpected storm, but more particularly he was thinking of a woman standing alone on the dock waving as the ship was slowly departing. And why he was thinking of the woman, he did not understand, for he knew nothing of her other than perhaps she had her hair in a ponytail.


About the Author

Daniel L. Swett grew up in a small town in the beautiful Monadnock region of Southwestern New Hampshire. He received a B.A. degree from Nathaniel Hawthorne College and an Associates degree in Engineering at New Hampshire Technical Institute. Daniel has also written four other books including two poetry books, Hypothetical Mishmash and Inconsequential Essentials and two other novels including June 28th on Clover Hill and A Letter for Rebecca.

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