June 28th on Clover Hill by Daniel L. Swett ISBN 978-1-931575-84-3, $14.95 Free postage, 162 pages is an exciting story from the past about life growing up in the sixties and how the value placed upon money and wealth affects the main two characters over a six year period.


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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Sheri Snider and Joe Lockhart are the closest of friends having grown up together in picturesque Stone Valley, a small beautiful town overlooking the Connecticut River Valley in Southwestern New Hampshire. The story begins in 1966 as Sheri and Joe graduate from high school. Needs were few then, which plays well for Joe who is poor and has little more than his own friendship to offer Sheri. After graduation, Joe joins the Air Force and Sheri attends college. They promise each other their love while apart and that when together again, they would marry. But as so often happens, circumstances change and at college Sheri begins to question the things she wants most out of life. She soon finds herself seeking more than what she knows Joe can offer. A tragedy in town further complicates Sheri’s life, resulting in additional decisions that now prove to be disastrous for her. The story unfolds as Sheri and Joe cope with these life-altering decisions.

Sample of the Work:

The Village Green, lined with white Victorian homes and often used as the centerfold for rural magazines.

Back at home in the city, all those spellbound from their experience in Stone Valley … would relate how they had found a retirement community in New Hampshire in a town like Stone Valley, peaceful and calm, where everyone seemed friendly and kind, an actual Garden of Eden or so it would seem from their recitation.

Sheri’s mother never explained her obvious dislike for the Lockharts other than to say that they were ‘trouble.’ Although once years ago, her mother, after having consumed a number of glasses of wine, had turned to Sheri at a party, saying, "I could tell you things about Ted Lockhart that would knock your socks off."

Then, Sheri spoke suddenly. "I want to go swimming."

"Where?" Joe replied.

"Right here, with you."

"But, but we don’t have our suits."

"I know."


She arose early and was standing at her window over looking her flowers by the pool when she heard a knock at her door.


About the Author
Daniel L. Swett grew up in a small town in the beautiful Monadnock region of Southwestern New Hampshire. He received a B.A. degree from Nathaniel Hawthorne College and an Associates degree in Engineering at New Hampshire Technical Institute. Daniel has also written Hypothetical Mishmash, A collection of Poetry.

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